It’s tough to describe all the ways that Oguz creates value for its clients—we are there to help them capitalize on critical opportunities and navigate the inevitable crises. Our clients are game changers—they are making waves in their industries, and they’re smart enough to bring together the right people and expertise to support their internal teams. That’s where Oguz comes in with specialized support, just the boost needed for our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

Branding and PR

During any business transformation, it’s critical to consider the impact to your brand—do you need to maintain your existing brand through changes? Do you Rebrand without losing the connection to your current customer base? How will you best communicate these changes to your customers in a way that provides clarity and communicates company strength?

Oguz can help you answer these questions and create a plan that ensures your brand hits on the 3 Cs:

  • Communicates your message
  • Creates credibility
  • Connects with your customers

In today’s business landscape with a multitude of customer touchpoints across varied media, it’s more important than ever to center your marketing and message around a strong and well-designed brand. We can help with the following:

  • Aligning brand to business objectives
  • Maximizing return on investment for branding activities
  • Building a loyal customer base

Market Research

One of the first rules of successful business is to know your target market. We are experts in conducting market research to dive deeply into your customers’ behaviors and preferences to help you make informed business decisions. Solid market research can help you make strong moves in all other areas of your business—it can be applied to your brand, social media marketing, digital presence, and more.

We have developed a consistent and systematic approach to conducting our research that ensures the results are accurate, comprehensive, and actionable. We can focus our research on any market size: region, state, country, and global markets.

Strategy and Marketing

It can be invaluable to your business to bring an outside viewpoint to your sales and marketing strategies. We can offer a fresh perspective on customer segmentation, product management, pricing, sales channels, and more to help you identify actionable areas of improvement. Each of these areas need to work together to provide an enriched customer experience that creates value and customer loyalty.

Combined with other offerings such as Branding & PR and Market Research, we can help you identify your most important customers, learn how they want to be treated, and create a plan to delight them.

Information Technology

An organization’s approach to technology should not only support its business strategy, but be driven by it. We can help your business choose the appropriate technology solutions for your business strategy, your needs, and your customer base. While it’s important to stay on top of technological trends and improvements, it’s not necessarily true that every new solution is right for you. Technology solutions need to work for you; they should make your employees’ jobs easier and your customers’ experiences better. It’s important to choose solutions that fit into the way you do business, rather than ones that will cause disruption and frustration.

Then, more importantly, we can help you implement new technology in a way that is cost-effective and successful. Too often organizations expect a technology solution to solve its problems without putting the needed investment into making sure it’s implemented smartly.

Crisis Management

When crisis hits, it’s critical to respond quickly. The only way to do that is through planning and readiness. Many organizations excel at risk management without considering the less likely but still possible event of a true crisis. We can help you identify potential crises, plan your response, and put mechanisms in place to respond to a crisis with speed and confidence. We can also be brought in to aid the response to a current crisis, and have experience handling crises in a wide variety of unique situations.

Licensing, Franchising & Partnerships

When your organization is considering growth through licensing, franchising, or new partnerships, it’s critical to have the knowledge and expertise needed to make smart decisions and cover your bases. If you’re looking to grow, but unsure of the best path, we can help you identify these opportunities and evaluate which option is best suited for your business. It may make sense to license your brand or intellectual property, or if your business is established and proven successful, franchising can offer rapid growth. If you already know you want to license or franchise, but aren’t sure of the necessary steps or lack the expertise to get them done, we can step in and smooth the process. We offer due diligence to help you navigate the pros and cons of each option and ensure you get the most out of expanding your business through sharing your brand or assets.


The most successful businesses are learning how to make new technologies work for them and for their customers in innovative ways. Your customers have high expectations of your digital presence and customer experience. We can help you stay ahead of what’s coming rather than finding yourself in a reactive mode to new technologies.

We offer digital solutions in the following areas:

  • Website development: Your website is often a potential customer’s first introduction to your brand, your business, and your offerings. Let’s make sure you’re sending the right message and making the most of this customer touchpoint.
  • Social media management: Consumers have ever-changing expectations and desires of their social media experiences—they want to be entertained, informed, and connected without being overwhelmed or spammed. Social media providers are making rapid changes that impact business marketing. We stay on top of these changes and can help you create a social media strategy that is engaging and positive for the customer and effective for your business.
  • Digital asset management: Handling sensitive customer information requires organizations to keep up with the latest security trends and risks. We can help you feel secure with your management and handling of important organizational data as well as customer information.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is another area that is constantly shifting as search engines work to deliver the best possible customer experience—and we can help you move with the changes and keep your web presence at the top of search results.
  • Digital positioning: We can help you maintain brand consistency across digital platforms.

Performance Improvement

We know you’re under a lot of pressure to hit earnings targets and keep investors confident in your business. Not to mention the competition is always nipping at your heels looking to undercut your pricing. Our Performance Improvement offering can help you improve earnings by growing your business in existing or new markets. We can offer our direct expertise, and can also connect you with solution partners for larger endeavors. Focus your R&D spending and invest in the markets where you can create competitive advantage.

Project Planning and Management

The smartest strategy and the most well-designed business plan will get you nowhere without effective project management. Projects are where the rubber meets the road—successful projects create requirements that tie to business strategy and then follow those requirements through implementation. They consider not only the core project activities, but the outer impacts to the business, team members, and partners.

We offer planning and management services in which we become deeply involved in your project to ensure success. We can help to keep things on schedule, to select the best project management approaches for your teams, to maintain alignment from goals to results, and to measure the success of the project along the way. We also help to maintain focus on the activities that sometimes get left behind: business process design, organizational change, and training.

When we join one of your projects, your goals become our goals. We become part of your team and work hard to ensure your project reaps the intended benefits.

Potential Partner & Solution Partner Research

When you’re looking for a business partner, we all know how important it is to choose wisely. It’s not just about finding a business that offers the right service, material, or expertise—it’s also about choosing a partner that will work well within your business culture and shares some of your values and intentions. We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the research and planning that goes into these strategic decisions.

We offer dedicated research and interview services when you’re seeking:

  • A dedicated service provider
  • A supplier of a raw material, product, or alternative product
  • A potential solution partner
  • A subject matter expert or consultant

We put the same effort and consideration into helping you choose a partner as we would in choosing our own. Let us help you make the right decision.

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